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  1. Waldman & GCAL Partner To Guarantee Green
  2. GCAL & MOTIGANZ Celebrate Botswana At Day’s Jewelers
  3. Product Spotlight: DiamondID® Guaranteed Certificate
  4. GCAL On Inside Edition
  5. CDE Dealers
  6. 5 Tips For Tough Times
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Waldman & GCAL Partner To Guarantee Green
GCAL certifies Waldman Canadian Production - now offered on

Waldman Diamond Company, a Rio Tinto Select Diamantaire, is working with Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL), North America's only ISO 17025 Accredited Gem Laboratory, to certify diamonds mined in Canada, and specifically from the Diavik Diamond Mine located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. This program assures consumers that the diamonds they are purchasing are compliant with the Kimberley Process and the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct. The Diavik mine has been consistently praised for adhering to the highest environmental & safety standards, as well as contributing significantly to the social and economic activity of the Northwest Terroritories of Canada.

"For this project, we looked for a lab with very strict grading policies and the ability to audit the trace of the stone from the source," explains Eli Fruchter of Waldman Diamond Company. "We wanted our product to be fairly represented, and not for a lenient lab to upgrade our diamonds. Our commitment is to our customers, and GCAL offers a guarantee that is an automatic value-added component to our product."

Diavik Mine

GCAL was chosen for its ability to accomplish the highest level of transparency through its exclusive Source Veritas™ Process and Gemprint® technology, the process for finding a diamond's unique optical fingerprint. Presently, the Israeli, New York, and Vancouver Waldman factories and offices are equipped with Gemprint® instruments. Additionally, each Canadian Source Veritas™ diamond comes with the exclusive GCAL 4C's Zero Tolerance Consumer Grading Guarantee, which provides consumers with the added assurance that their diamond was graded accurately.

"There are quite a few advantages to choosing GCAL," Fruchter explains. "Their Guaranteed Certificate is the added credibility that our clients and the ultimate end consumer is looking for. In addition, GCAL's Certificate offers the bonus of Light Performance and the possibility of savings on insurance rates. Because we produce a higher quality diamond with excellent proportions, we want a lab that will be able to accurately represent these features on paper."

According to Donald A. Palmieri, GCAL President, the time is right for diamond producers to embrace GCAL's value-added certificates. "In difficult economic times, customers are looking for assurance on their most important purchases," he says. "We are proud to be able to provide a level of comfort and security for both the diamond sellers and buyers, as well as a cost-effective way to adhere to the Kimberley Process. This partnership with Waldman Diamond Company is another step toward industry transparency."

"We are extremely excited to work with an esteemed diamond company that shares our vision of differentiated products and understands the value of Gemprint®, Light Performance, and our exclusive Guarantee," says Angelo Palmieri, Director of Certified Diamond Exchange. "This provides an opportunity for the members of CDE to source diamonds that come from mines routinely praised for environmental and safety standards, and contributing to the economic and social activity of the Northwest Territories of Canada."

GCAL Certified Waldman Canadian Diamonds are available for purchase through Certified Diamond Exchange Waldman Diamond Company, a multi-national dynamic diamond & jewelry manufacturer, is consistently ranked in the top tier of Israeli Diamond Exporters. Founded in 1978 by Alexander Waldman, WDC has quickly and vastly expanded its networks around the globe, enabling it to live up to its motto of GLOBAL REACH. PERSONAL TOUCH.

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GCAL & MOTIGANZ Celebrate Botswana At Day’s Jewelers
Kickoff party brings Botswana ‘Source Veritas’ Diamonds to the consumer

Day’s Jewelers capped a three-day store opening celebration with a gala event celebrating Botswana ‘Source Veritas’ Diamonds on November 15, 2008. A strategic alliance with MOTIGANZ and Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL), this event marks the first time that ‘Made In Botswana’ diamonds have been sold by an American jewelry retailer.

“Day’s Jewelers ‘Made in Botswana’ initiative is just one of many demonstrations that jewelers do care,” says Jeff Corey, President, Day’s Jewelers. “Day’s has priced these diamonds to be competitive with any diamond in the market, including online. American people are accustomed to giving a diamond to their betrothed to symbolize an eternal relationship, and it sure does feel good when they know that purchasing that diamond helped to alleviate poverty, disease, and despair in the most destitute continent on earth. Our sales associates and customers are thrilled that we can do something tangible to truly help our world to become a better place.”

The Grand Opening Gala benefitted the Junior League of Portland, Maine, and featured an appearance by Miss Maine. Staff also educated customers about the concept of beneficiation, the idea that cutting and polishing should be conducted in-country to maximize the local economic contribution.

In a letter from Senator Olympia J. Snowe of Maine, she congratulated the Coreys on their involvement with Botswana ‘Source Veritas’ Diamonds. “What a source of pride it must be that you are the first jeweler in the nation to under-take this endeavor as a pilot project... You are to be commended for being on the cutting-edge of combining commerce and conscience.”

“The strong early consumer response to Botswana ‘Source Veritas’ Diamonds coupled with the direct benefit to the people of Botswana during these challenging economic times marks an important and proud achievement for MOTIGANZ Diamond Group,” explains Orly Samid, Marketing Director of MOTIGANZ.

“How gratifying it was to see the success of Day’s Jewelers unveiling of Botswana ‘Source Veritas’ Diamonds in Maine,” says Donald A. Palmieri, GCAL President. “Jeff and Kathy Corey have acted true to their spirit of real corporate social responsibility. Investing in the future of Botswana Diamond Beneficiation in this business environment is both difficult and brilliant. In the toughest times; passion, integrity and optimism, joined with leadership and hard work, is a Corey recipe for 94 years of success.”

If you are interested in carrying Botswana ‘Source Veritas’ Diamonds in your store, please contact Orly Samid at

To begin your free CDEcommerce registration, log on to

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Product Spotlight: DiamondID® Guaranteed Certificate

Our most popular service, the DiamondID® Guaranteed Grading Certificate bundles all of GCAL’s best features into one outstanding document. Each certificate includes: Direct Assessment Light Performance Analysis, Gemprint® Positive Identification and Security Registration, Laser Inscription, and our signature ‘Zero Tolerance’ Grading Guarantee.

You and your customers can be sure of the care taken to determine each component of a GCAL Grading Certificate. Your diamonds are individually examined by two experts and verified by a third, senior expert before receiving the final grade for certification. In addition, GCAL is the only diamond grading company in North America to be certified ISO 17025 Laboratory Accredited, and as a subsidiary of a publicly traded company, GCAL is regulated by the SEC. These stringent standards and our exclusive Guarantee assure your customer of the quality of your GCAL Certified diamonds.

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GCAL On Inside Edition
Donald A. Palmieri recruited as expert for national television exposé in November 2008

Dealers across the country are eager to buy gold. Although gold prices are near record highs, consumers still need to be cautious when making the sale. To take a closer look at the industry, INSIDE EDITION’s Senior Investigative Correspondent Matt Meagher asked Master Gemologist Appraiser® and jewelry expert Donald A. Palmieri, of GCAL, to assemble a collection of 23 pieces of gold for INSIDE EDITION to try to sell. GCAL weighed and analyzed each piece with precision instruments to determine gold content, and laser etched each for identification purposes.

Based on the going rate for gold at the time, Palmieri and a second independent expert told INSIDE EDITION that they should receive from about $975 to $1,200 for the gold. INSIDE EDITION then hit the streets with hidden cameras to sell the gold with mixed results. While many 47th Street dealers were on target, those who weren’t were willing to negotiate. The dealer that offered the least ($209) was Cash4Gold, a company that touts itself on TV as “America’s number one gold buyer.”

“It’s great that GCAL is recognized as a consumer advocacy group by a show like Inside Edition,” Palmieri says. “Our unwavering support of pro-consumer issues is another way that GCAL helps raise consumer confidence in our industry.”

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CDE Dealers

All of your shopping needs right at your fingertips. Just log on to to peruse GCAL Certified Diamond inventory from the sellers listed below.

A.S. Diamonds
15 W 47th St., Ste. 200,
New York, NY 10036
212 221-9751
Alain Spira
Edalati Int’l, Inc.
10 W 47th St., Ste. 1002,
New York, NY 10036
212 575-2294
Elie Edalati
Edelstein Diamonds
580 Fifth Ave., Ste. 521,
New York, NY 10036
212 768-1500
Carl Edelstein
EL OR Company
580 Fifth Ave, Ste. 605A,
New York, NY 10036
866 840-1999
Oren Dror
Esskay Gems, Inc.
36 W 47th St., Ste. 1001,
New York, NY 10036
800 345-3429
Benjamin Krischer
Hasenfeld-Stein, Inc.
580 Fifth Ave, Ste. 1100,
New York, NY 10036
800 223-3315
Ariel Lev
Julius Klein
20 W 47th St., 9th Flr.,
New York, NY 10036
800 334-0919
Isaac Fish
KGK Diamonds
35 W 44th St.,
New York, NY 10036
212 221-6630
Allen Bloom
Lipworth Diamond Corp.
580 Fifth Ave., Ste. 2804,
New York, NY 10035
212 944-6272
Alan Lipworth
1200 6th Ave, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Orly Samid
Ovadia Diamond Co.
589 Fifth Ave, Ste. 905,
New York, NY 10017
212 319-8840
Guy Yosef
Perrier Gems
579 Fifth Ave., Ste. 801,
New York, NY 10017
212 826-6688
Peri or Eli
R & R Grosbard, Inc.
1185 6 Ave, 20th Flr.,
New York, NY 10036
917 548-7424 Ext 125
Jinish Shah
Waldman Diamond Co.
15 West 47th St., 10th Floor
New York, NY 10036
212-921-8098 ext. 204
Eli Fruchter

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5 Tips For Tough Times
Selling strategies that will create long-term success

Even if you don’t have money to spend, it doesn’t mean that you can’t build your business in an economic downturn. Make the most of what you have in 2009 by using these tips to stay ahead of the game.

1. Visit your clients. Now’s the time to reach out to your client list reminding them of your gratitude for past patronage and invite them to stop by and see a new collection or special offering.

2. Remain positive. There’s nothing worse than a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. Keep your staff and partners motivated by leading with an upbeat attitude. The media is reporting on doom and gloom every day, so make your workplace an oasis from the storm.

3. Help your staff. When days are slow, it might be the perfect time for sales training. This shows your team that you are investing in the company’s future. GCAL offers in-store training for retailers, and a free online e-Learning program that is the perfect tool to motivate your associates (

4. Use the internet. These days, there is so much valuable information online that can guide you through a troubled economy. Surveys and reports are everywhere, from luxury trade magazine websites to marketing agencies. A simple Google search for “Sales Tips 2009” will turn up a wide range of helpful information. And don’t forget to register for free on for GCAL certified diamonds.

5. Tell a Good News Story. Add value to your diamonds beyond the 4Cs by engaging your customers in a true ‘Good News’ story. Diamonds supporting beneficiation in Botswana, or diamonds mined in conformity with environmental and safety standards such as the Canadian Diavik mine are stories that are captivating a growing segment of affluent consumers. You can find Botswana and Canadian Source Veritas diamonds on

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Three Questions For:
CDE Director Angelo Palmieri explains why our online marketplace can work for you

Diamond Profile: The economy is undoubtedly our biggest hurdle to face in 2009. Why is CDE the right way to buy and sell in this difficult market?

Angelo Palmieri: What CDE offers is very different than other exchanges and/or marketplaces that exist today. The first and foremost is a guaranteed diamond grading certificate that places all the risk and exposure upon a grading lab and not the jeweler. In these times with sales at historic lows and consumer confidence all but decimated, the last thing a jeweler wants this year are returns or dissatisfied customers. The easiest way to disappoint a customer would be to sell a diamond/diamond ring with a piece of paper from a lab that consistently overgrades or overappraises diamonds and jewelry, and who takes no responsibility for their work. GCAL offers a solution to this problem, and all items on CDE are GCAL Certified.

DP: What are the direct benefits of using CDE?

AP: There are sellers on CDE who do not list on the other exchanges, so there is new and different inventory all the time. In addition to a different list of suppliers, CDE offers loose diamonds, matched pairs, diamond jewelry, Botswana SV Diamonds, and Canadian SV diamonds through its use of Gemprint®. These offerings all mean differentiation opportunities to the retail jeweler looking for ways to compete honestly with the guy down the street.

DP: How is CDE different from other sites?

AP: There is only one other mainstream exchange that offers jewelry. Very little of it is certified and fewer still have images, so you are basically flying blind when ordering jewelry from that site. While images cannot replace holding and analyzing the real thing, they certainly can give you a better idea of what the product will actually look like. The jewelry and corresponding diamond information for all pieces on CDE, including loose diamonds and matched pairs, is both extremely detailed and graphic heavy. Lastly, the differentiation opportunities that are presented by having Botswana and Canadian Source Veritas diamonds available for purchase are the types of items that promotional and ad campaigns can be built around. These items have stories – you don’t necessarily have to compete on price alone. We are proud to offer differentiation and a good news story in otherwise bleak times.

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See Us In 2009!

Visit us at Centurion Tucson from January 31, 2009 through February 4, 2009. Enjoy GCAL-sponsored cappuccino throughout the day as you stroll the aisles.

We will also be at the Continental Buying Group (CBG) show from January 27-29, 2009 in Tucson.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Pamela Palmieri at

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