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New York City, NY (May 26, 2009) – A collection of five rings, including an Extremely Rare Natural Fancy Red diamond and a Rare Natural Fancy Intense Blue diamond, are for sale at the JCK Show in Las Vegas. Donald A. Palmieri, President of Gemological Appraisal Association, is the court appointed sales agent and auctioneer for the Estate of Treasure Trove, Inc. The collection of Limited Edition Rings designed by Aaron Basha was commissioned by Treasure Trove, Inc. for the Secrets of the Alchemist Dar, the sequel to the New York Times bestselling book, A Treasure's Trove: A Fairy Tale About Real Treasure For Parents And Children Of All Ages, an illustrated children's book written by Michael Stadther and published in 2004 and distributed by Simon & Schuster, Inc.

A Treasure’s Trove included clues that launched a national treasure hunt for tokens that were hidden throughout the United States. Each token could be turned in for a unique jewel representing one of twelve characters from the story. The fancy color diamond ring collection currently for sale, named the Fairy Rings of Eternal Life, were to be the center of another worldwide treasure hunt launched by the sequel story, Secrets of the Alchemist Dar.

“This is a unique opportunity for a jeweler to acquire a one-of-a-kind collection of rare fancy color diamonds set in rings designed by Aaron Basha with the added provenance of A Treasure’s Trove story and fame,” says Don Palmieri, who appraised the rings in 2006.

The rings will be available to view at Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL) booth, L59 in the upper lobby of the convention center next to buyers registration, at the JCK show in Las Vegas from May 30th to June 2nd, 2009. All bids will be considered. More details about the fancy color diamonds, including photos of the rings and grading certificates, are available on In addition to this collection, GAA will also be holding a sealed bid auction of over $500,000 worth of loose diamonds, gold and diamond jewelry, and gold and gemstone jewelry, from various bankruptcy estates, at the GCAL booth.

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